About Howard County Chinese School

Howard County Chinese School (HCCS), located in Howard County, MD, is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious school established in 1998 to promote Chinese culture and language through high-quality educational and cultural classes. The school also serves as a link between parents and the Chinese community.

Classes are offered on Saturdays at Centennial High School, and Sundays at Howard Community College, with a total enrollment of over a 1,000 students. HCCS is a member of the Chinese School Association of the United States (CSAUS).

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School News

Dear HCCS Parents and Students,

It is the time again for Chinese school, which will start on 9/10/2017 at HCC and 9/16/2017 at CHS respectively. I would welcome our returning students as well new students and their families and wish everyone a happy productive new school year.

In the past year HCCS students had made tremendous achievements. We had 39 students successfully graduated and 45 students of 9th or 10th grades received HCC college credits. I would like to express my gratitude to the support from BOD, all teachers and staff, and most importantly our parents for the great progress made in school. Also specially thanks to Ms. Limei Gao who recently retired from the position of Academic Dean. She had made valuables contribution to the success of school and provided a lot of help to the new Academic Dean, Ms. Yan Li. Welcome on board Ms. Li.

In order to serve our communities better the BOD made the decision that HCCS will add Saturday day classes at Centennial High School (CHS) this fall. Because the different location and facility, the class starting date and time are different in HCC and CHS. Please pay special attention to these differences.

Important notes for the first day of school:

  1. Student safety – as always we request all parents and students to complete campus safety training at the first day of school in the classroom. Parents’ presence and signature are required.
  2. Parking—please follow the traffic rules of HCC campus, drive slowly and watch for pedestrians (especially kids and seniors). Please put our kids’ safety first. East garage and Lot A can be used for HCC parking on Sunday; all school parking lots can be used for CHS parking on Saturday.
  3. Registration – if student preregistered and purchased book, please directly go to classroom, the textbook will be distributed in class. (Check schedule and classroom) If you had not registered yet, please come to school early and following the signs to the registration table to start the process. Registration time at HCC 10am-4pm; CSH 12noon-5pm.
  4. Only Chinese classes start at the first day of the school. All elective classes will start at the second week. Dr. Li's SAT/PSAT classes will start on 9/16 at CHS and 9/17 in HCC.

Jia Bei Wang, HCCS Principal

   What is minimum age requirement at school?

All classes have a minimum age requirement. A minimum age of 4 years old by September 1 of that year is required for Pre-K classes; a minimum age of 5 years old by September 1 of that year is required for K classes. Students whose birthdays are from Sep 2 to October 31 will be given an opportunity to interview to determine eligibility.

   What is the class schedule, and where are classes held?

HCCS classes are held on Saturdays from 12pm to 5pm at Centennial High School, and on Sundays from 10am to 4pm at the Howard County Community College.

   We do not speak Chinese in our family. What classes do you recommend?

We recommend the student try our bilingual classes. The minimum age requirement for this class is 5 years old. This Level I class is designed for beginners.

   What textbooks are used in the classes?

Most of our classes fall into one of two tracks. One track uses the Standard Chinese textbooks published by The People’s Education Press, and the other track uses textbooks by Ma Liping. The textbook for bilingual classes is Happy Chinese, which is designed for non-Chinese language learners by the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban). It provides students with both pinyin and English translations.

   School Safety Video