2017 - 2018 Registration

2017 - 2018 学年秋季注册于2017年5月20日(星期六)上午八时准时开始。请尽快注册,并生成帐单,EC 将于5/20周六开始接受付款,或将支票寄到以下地址(请将帐单号写在支票上)!

2017-2018 Fall Semester registration starts on Saturday, May 20th, at 8AM, you then can register. Please generate invoice. EC will be accepting payment in May 20th, 2017 at school. Or you could mail the check to the following address. Please put the invoice number(s) on the check.

Mailing Address

Howard County Chinese School
P.O.Box 1547
Ellicott City, MD 21041

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